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All the macadamia muesli recipes you could ever need

All the macadamia muesli recipes you could ever need

10 March 2020

Begin your day with the delicious crunch of macadamias and you’re definitely off to a great start! Here are our favourite recipes for macadamia muesli and granola to add some inspiration to your morning routine.

Macadamia muesli basics

Gently roasting the oats, nuts and other inclusions brings out flavour. Our basic muesli recipe includes cinnamon and coconut as well as a dash of apple juice for sweetness, creating a toasted muesli that stores well in an airtight container ready for a splash of milk on your busiest mornings. Find the full recipe here.

Make ahead

For a special prep-ahead brunch, layer the same macadamia muesli with yoghurt and freshly cut fruit in small glasses for simple but spectacular individual portions to share with friends. Great for a special brunch date. Find the full recipe here.macadamia muesli

Amp it up

If you prefer a fruitier muesli mix, this recipe includes sultanas and raisins for sweetness and texture. If you feel like graduating from the basic recipes, make this superfood granola with macadamia nuts and a combination macadamia-almond milk for a healthy but delicious morning meal.

Gluten free options

Muesli can be a challenge for gluten free eaters because of the cross contamination that can occur when oats are being processed and packed. But this gluten free, paleo macadamia muesli is sure to please. Or try this other gluten free option using quinoa flakes from one of our favourite recipe creators, Live Love Nourish.

Look to the experts for inspiration

Once you have a basic macadamia muesli recipe mastered, you can use it as an ingredient in more spectacular breakfasts (or even lunches and dinners). We take our inspiration from Byron Bay Muesli who have created amazing recipes for salted caramel smoothie bowls, banana cacao popsicles and peanut butter bliss balls. Simply use a macadamia muesli of your choice (either home-made or store-bought) to make sure you get that unique soft crunch as part of your dish.

Brookfarm are the experts when it comes to macadamia muesli and we can’t go past their amazing nutty granola fruit flan for a truly beautiful brunch idea. macadamia power bars

Macadamia bircher muesli

It’s possible to lift your healthy breakfast game and also speed up your morning routine with this healthy recipe for macadamia bircher muesli. The process is simple; just soak the oats, nuts and other inclusions in milk and yoghurt overnight. All you need to do in the morning is eat and enjoy. You don’t need to use dairy milk either. Using macadamia milk provides the same creamy mouthfeel as cow’s milk. 

Macadamia muesli bars

Muesli isn’t just for bowls. Muesli bars are great as a make-ahead breakfast-on-the-go for busy mornings. Try these fruity ones for a sweet treat or whip up a batch of our macadamia power bars which come in fig and ginger, cacao mint or sour cherry variations.

What’s your favourite macadamia muesli? Share it with our Facebook community of macadamia lovers!


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