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Advance Australia fare with Aussie's native nut

Advance Australia fare with Aussie's native nut

14 January 2016

What better way to celebrate our national day than with a helping of Australia's native nut to add a fair-dinkum Aussie twist to backyard BBQs or lazy picnics with friends.

CEO of Australian Macadamia Society, Jolyon Burnett, said Australia Day is all about celebrating our beautiful country and there's nothing more 'true blue' than home-grown macadamias.

"Our passionate growers work tirelessly all year round to create the world's finest nut. There's nothing like the creamy, buttery taste and crunchy texture of Australian macadamias and we should be proud of that. We want Aussies to embrace the local produce that makes this country so special," Mr Burnett said.

Macadamias are predominantly grown in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales and along the Queensland coast, with smaller plantings in Western Australia. Around 45,000 tonnes are produced annually with blossoming beginning in late August, harvest in February and March and new season nuts are on shelf from May each year.

Once at home, macadamias will keep for some time in an air-tight container in the fridge - that's if you can resist them!

Give these Aussie flavoured recipes a go this Australia Day...
Macadamia and Vegemite scrolls
Australia Day madness wouldn't be complete without the classic Aussie combo of Vegemite and cheese. This year, add a twist with the distinctive soft crunch of macadamias - it's a guaranteed winner!

Macadamia, bush tomato and pumpkin scones
This scone recipe is a perfect savoury afternoon snack. Bush tomato is a small native berry and when dried it has a caramel-like flavour and slightly tangy acidity. These scones are delicious served with macadamia butter. Take a look at our super simple recipe here.

BBQ prawns with macadamia dukkah and mint lemon yoghurt
Dukkah is traditionally enjoyed with fresh bread dipped in oil. However it's also a great way to spice up your summer barbecue, adding an instant nutty crunch as a coating for fish, chicken, lamb or prawns.

Muddled macs on the barbeque: Lime and lemon myrtle macs, Wattle seed and chilli macadamias.
If you have the barbeque on, why not add these to the mix. Perfect if you need something to nibble on while you wait. Even better with a cold beer!

Paperbark wrapped rainbow trout stuffed with warrigal green macadamia pesto
Paperbark imparts a smoky flavour when heated, making the rainbow trout taste absolutely amazing.

BBQ prawns w macadamia dukkah   macadamia scrolls   1509 Paperbark wrapped rainbow trout stuffed with warrigal green macadamia pesto

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Katie Lettice, Account Manager
Crossman Communications
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Sally Hoolihan, Marketing Coordinator
Australian Macadamia Society
Phone: 02 6622 4933

About Australian Macadamia Society: It is estimated that 70% of Australian growers are members of the Society and that they produce more than 85% of the Australian annual production, around 40,000 tonnes. The AMS was founded with the objectives of promoting and coordinating all aspects of the industry, to encourage free exchange of ideas and information and to foster goodwill among members.


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