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Our favourite treats for an Easter at home

Sometimes, even the best laid plans go astray. For many of us, our Easter will look very different this year and we will be staying close to home. But just because you can’t have the long-weekend away that you were planning doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little decadence for Easter.

Macadamias have always been a simple way to make the ordinary extraordinary, so we’ve compiled a list of our favourite chocolate and macadamia recipes to cook and share with those closest to you this Easter.

Macadamia brioche buns for Easter

Homemade Easter Treats

You can make your own Easter treats using ingredients that you probably already have on hand. If you have kids, don’t be afraid to get them involved in the kitchen creativity! 

Homemade hot cross buns are the best place to start when making your own Easter treats. Our macadamia and cranberry hot cross buns are packed full of spice and a family favourite at Easter time. Once you’ve had your fill of those, you can experiment with these buttery brioche Easter buns.

Macadamia and carob Easter bunnies are fun to make and so cute! The macadamia ‘tails’ have great crunch and the carob makes a nice change from the usual Easter chocolate.

Packed with dried fruit, cacao and, of course, the soft crunch of macadamias, these raw food egg shaped bliss balls are a healthy indulgence at Easter.

Macadamia and carob easter bunnies

For the chocoholic

Get into the spirit of Easter by having lots of chocolaty snacks on hand. Here are some of our favourite sweet snacks to have in the house over the long weekend

When you have to bunker down and bake, you can’t go past this chocolate macadamia brownie recipe. It’ll go with your morning coffee or your afternoon tea.

Macadamia chocolate crackles are great fun to make if you are stuck inside with children. Adding macadamias to the puffed rice means that the crackles have two types of crunch! Yum.

This chocolate and macadamia spread is actually a clean eating recipe and nowhere near as naughty as it looks, or tastes! It makes a delicious, guilt-free indulgence when enjoyed with crackers or on toast or fresh bread.

Chilli chocolate macadamia tart

Decadent desserts

Do you like to enjoy a formal sit-down meal at Easter? You don’t need to give that up, instead you can ramp it up and create a delicious finale for your family.

Laced with coffee, liqueur and macadamias, this chocolate, raspberry and macadamia tiramisu recipe is rich and indulgent. Don’t be afraid to halve the recipe if you aren’t cooking for a crowd but don’t miss the opportunity to top the dish with chocolate covered macadamias as a special Easter flourish. 

If you need a dessert indulgence for one, this chocolate and macadamia affogato recipe is easy to scale down. Simply drown your ice cream with espresso and frangelico and top with roasted macadamias for a satisfying, textural crunch.

Make this chilli-chocolate tart on the long weekend, then enjoy it as a simple indulgence throughout the week. The chilli adds a great kick of flavour and the macadamias bring a special creamy crunch to the pastry.

Trio of chocolate coated macadamias

Random acts of Easter kindness

While you do have to keep a safe social distance over Easter, you can still show your friends and neighbours that you care by making small batches of treats, wrapping them beautifully then leaving them on the doorsteps of your loved ones. 

Macadamia and chocolate biscotti are perfect as surprise gifts because they keep well. 

Macadamia and carob Easter bunnies are sure to cheer anyone up (keep them cool)! 

You can also make raw food Easter bliss balls for your health-loving friends or whip up a batch of chocolate coated macadamias for yourself over the long-weekend.

Raw macadamia bliss ball Easter eggs

Did you know you can share your at-home Easter ideas with your fellow macadamia lovers over on our Facebook page? We’d love to hear from you.

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