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Mac snacks

Mac snacks

There’s so much to love – and know – about macadamias. A naturally healthy wholefood, they can be enjoyed on a regular basis thanks to their abundance of vital nutrients and healthy fats. Food and health studies suggest enjoying a handful or two (30-60 g) of nuts daily, so you can treat yourself to a macadamia moment every day of the week!

Foodie facts:

1. Conquer 3pm sweet cravings by choosing macadamias instead – they’re delicious and won’t mess with blood glucose levels

2. Mix macadamias with dried fruit for a healthy and portable snack or try our macadamia power bars recipe.

Macadamia power snack bars

3. Add macadamias to homemade muffins, cakes and bread

Great for snacking - banana muffin with macadamias

4. Make maca-cacao balls by processing macadamias, dates, raw cacao powder and honey together. Form into balls and chill.

Great for snacking - macadamia bliss balls
5. Try macadamia hummus by pureeing macadamias with crushed garlic, lemon juice, tahini, a little water and pepper. Perfect with carrot sticks.

Great for snacking - macadamia hummus
6. Add raw or roasted macadamias to your next cheese, dip or fruit platter to nibble with a few drinks.
Macadamia fruit platter

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