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10 macadamia dip recipes to die for!

From entree to dessert, macadamias are versatile enough to be included in every course but they make an especially perfect addition to the dips and savoury nibbles that start your meal. 

If you’re looking for a way to get your next dinner party or BBQ off to a great start, then look no further than delicious macadamia nuts for inspiration. Their unique crunch and buttery flavour add a special touch when cooking for friends and family.

The gentle flavour of a macadamia pairs well with many other ingredients which means there are plenty of creative recipes to choose from.

Here are our favourite macadamia dip recipes:

1) Roasted beetroot and macadamia spread 

This plant-based recipe soaks the nuts and roasts the beetroot to enhance the flavour of both. It’s great served with crispy vegetables and crackers and the deep purple colour will make your platter pop.

Roasted beetroot and macadamia dip

2) Macadamia ‘veganaise’

Not just for vegans, this savoury spread is a healthy, creamy alternative to mayonnaise. Plus, it uses just five ingredients you probably already have in your cupboard! This dip is perfect with sweet potato chips.

3) Macadamia pesto 

Swap pine nuts for macadamias in a traditional basil pesto for a nutty, creamier flavour. Macadamia pesto can be used as a dip, as a spread on fancy sandwiches or simply toss it through freshly cooked pasta for an easy meal.

Vegan macadamia dip

4) Sun-dried tomato and macadamia pesto 

Macadamias and sundried tomatoes pair up to create an irresistible dip to start your party or add to a mezze plate.

5) Macadamia and olive tapenade 

Continue the Mediterranean theme by including macadamias in an olive tapenade. The addition of macadamia oil boosts the subtle flavour of the nut.

6) Macadamia hummus 

No backyard barbeque is complete without a platter of vegetables and hummus, but this moreish macadamia version transforms that staple into something extraordinary.

7) Macadamia baba ganoush

Roast an aubergine (eggplant) on the barbeque to get the traditional smokey flavour of this dip. The macadamias ensure maximum creaminess in this plant-based recipe. 

Macadamia nut pesto

8) Baked capsicum dip with paprika and macadamia

This dairy-free dip is ideal to be scooped by up on corn chips or spread on sourdough toasts at your next gathering of friends. Add extra chilli to spice things up.

9) Creamed macadamia spread with crispy sage leaves 

This dip allows the buttery flavour of the macadamias to shine through. The sage is a delightful accent of flavour and texture.

10) Lime macadamia dip

Combine the health benefits macadamias and avocados with the zesty flavours of lime and coriander for this dip that can also be made into a delicious salad dressing.

Bonus dip idea!

11) Moroccan spiced pumpkin, pistachio and macadamia dip – Served with pitas, this rich and decadent nut recipe also packs a healthy punch. A perfectly delicious way to get creative with pumpkin.

What’s your favourite way to use macadamias when entertaining? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know.

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