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Macadamias represent the very essence of Australia - the soil, the climate and the seasons. This native Australian nut has become a global success story, and with good reason. Nothing compares to its texture, its health benefits. And nothing compares to the commitment of Australian growers to produce the world's finest nut... Read more

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Beautify your skin naturally with local macadamias
Most Australians know that macadamias are good for your health, but did you know that Australia’s native nut… Read More
Local growers and nation’s best chefs celebrate at Noosa Int...
Executive chef Timothy Montgomery’s signature macadamia dish will ‘represent the region’ The Australian macadamia industry’s 40th anniversary celebrations… Read More
40 years of Australian macadamias
Champagne corks are popping across the country as Australians raise a ‘roast’ to the nation’s iconic native nut… Read More
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